EK Insight: The power of extracting data from your franchisee sites

Most franchises have a corporate website where you come to learn about their brand. Presently franchises have one level of analytics to see what content is really compelling, what content is driving conversions. What Empowerkit enables a franchisor to do is empower each individual franchisee with a site where they can get that same level of analytics, providing them [the franchisor] with a wealth of information that’s not only clear, but  understandable, enabling them to make a informed, strategic business decisions.

John Rodgers
Account Director

With Empowerkit, the franchisor gets to decide which apps they want to make available to franchisees, and the franchisees use those apps to generate content that they think is going to be relevant and engaging for the local customer base – after all, they know best what is going to really get people excited, what is going to help express the brand, of course within the franchises guidelines. What is incredible with Empowerkit is the franchisor can gain very quick and very understandable insight into the individual sites across the entire network. So when a franchisee is doing something particular well and it’s converting a lot, it’s driving a lot of traffic, is creating conversions, they can understand very quickly what apps they are using, what types of content they are generating, what their tone is, and learn from that and spread it across the entire organization to improve their web marketing in a whole. In 2010, real time inside is critical.

Chris Anderson

May 4, 2010

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