State of Mobile Optimization Within Franchising – Report by Empowerkit

How often have you been on the go while trying to find information about a specific location-be it prices for a restaurant or business hours for a laundromat or any other bit of random information-only to abandon an otherwise great establishment because the information you needed wasn’t readily available on your mobile device?

mobile optimized State of Mobile Optimization Within Franchising   Report by EmpowerkitIt seems that while many companies are aware of the “movement to mobile”, very few have managed to grasp what their customers are searching for. In a time when 56% of Americans own a smartphone, mobile franchisee sites have become imperative:

The more advanced technology becomes, the more impatient a population will be. As mentioned, consumers are looking to their smartphones to help them scope out companies when debating where to take their business. (…) The fact is, while having mobile-adapted single location sites may not necessarily put you ahead of the competition, it may prevent franchisee sites from being eliminated by potential customers due to technical lags. – State of Mobile Optimization Within The Franchise Industry (2013; pg. 2)

The Report on The Franchise Industry and Mobile Sites

We wanted to take a look at the mobile sites of some of the highest-ranked franchise companies in the world to see how well their sites have been adapted for mobile usage.

We have compiled this information into a report, where we graded the mobile franchisees sites of nine franchise companies. Each site was evaluated based on its’ functionality, mobile-adaptation, loading time and overall ease-of-use. We have also added summaries, tips and overall feedback for each site. Based on that, a company’s mobile site is ranked as #1 and we explain why their mobile site was the best of our list.

There is also quite a bit of information available for companies who are are looking to make the leap to mobile, such as what criteria to keep in mind when building a mobile-friendly site, what specific information customers might be looking for and why having a mobile-friendly site is especially important for franchisees.

Here are some of the key elements you’ll find in the report, that will give you a better idea of what makes a mobile franchisee site, truly friendly:

  • Utilization of CTA’s (Calls to Action)
  • Function without any technical issues
  • Page and all internal & external links would load in less than 1.5 second
  • Information about individual locations prominently displayed and accessible

All of this information and more is available in our report, “The State of Mobile Optimization Within The Franchise Industry”.

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June 25, 2013

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