Franchisee Websites – Assessing Your Current Situation

Franchisee websites situation Franchisee Websites – Assessing Your Current Situation

Franchisors considering the effectiveness of their franchisee websites and overall online presence are generally in one of the following stages:

1. Starting to think about it:
You’ve realized the need for local websites to empower franchisees with a better way to increase awareness and customer acquisition in their local markets, but you’re unsure about how to proceed in finding and implementing a solution. The primary focus of this paper is addressing franchisors at this stage.

2. Midway through implementation:
In this stage, you’ve already identified the need for franchisee websites, and are currently in the process of implementing a solution, which may be a built-from-scratch system your IT team is working on, or something you’ve tasked a vendor with. In this stage, it’s important to reassess the effectiveness and viability of the approach you’ve chosen, and this paper will give you some great information to consider.

3. Just completed and launched:
You’ve finally rolled out your local franchise websites and are anxious to get feedback and see the results. What’s critical at this stage is ensuring that the most optimal solution has properly been implemented for your needs, and that you have defined success metrics in place to monitor results over time. In this paper you’ll learn some critical features and capabilities you should have in place, and better understand the ongoing time and financial commitment you should anticipate moving forward.

4. Have had a solution for some time:
If you’re reading this, you’re probably questioning the effectiveness of the solution you currently have in place for your franchisee websites. Are you seeing the increases in traffic and lead generation you had projected? Are franchisees able to leverage the system to post locally relevant content, and are they happy with the results? If you’ve had the same solution for some time now, and you’re unhappy or unsure about its real value, it’s time to consider a better option – and this paper will show you how.

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December 8, 2011

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