Franchisee Websites – How to Proceed from Here

franchise sites next steps Franchisee Websites   How to Proceed from Here

Ultimately, it’s less important which technologies are used in implementing a solution for your local franchisee websites, how long it takes, or how much the investment is. These are all very important considerations, but what trumps everything else is determining who is best equipped to comprehensively understand the business objectives and goals for franchisee websites, and execute the solution so that the ultimate level of value and ROI is realized.

Here are the recommended next steps based on your current stage in the process:

1. Starting to think about it:
There unfortunately are very few solutions on the market for deploying and managing a scalable network of franchisee websites, and as you probably recognize by this point, it’s unlikely that your IT team will be able to cost-effectively implement the best solution. You should clearly define your business objectives for this initiative, and carefully assess all of your options. Give us a call or email to schedule a demo of Empowerkit, to see how it can streamline the successful implementation of ROI-driven websites for your franchisees.

2. Midway through or just completed implementation:
Whether you’re in the midst of rolling out a solution for your franchisee websites, or you’ve just completed the project, it’s still important to ensure that you’ve made the best decision that will yield optimal long-term results. You’ll need some time to assess the effectiveness of the solution you’ve implemented – but if after reading this paper you’re starting to second guess your approach, it’s always better to cut your losses and implement the right solution then to let an unsuccessful initiative drag out, and lose time, money, and credibility with your franchisees in the process. Luckily, switching over to Empowerkit is both fast and cost-effective, so contact us if you’re interested in seeing another possible option that can produce better results.

3. Have had a solution for some time:
By now you’re really starting to rethink the effectiveness of your current franchisee websites, and the increase in revenue that could be generated through a better, more robust solution. Don’t worry, this is a very difficult problem to solve, and most franchisors lack the foresight you had early on when you identified the need, and actually did something about it. Give us a call – let’s take a closer look at what you have now, and the level of improvement in lead generation and customer conversions you could expect to see through switching to a solution like Empowerkit.

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December 20, 2011

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